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Hi friends:

    While missing other humans, the world, and my studio community, I’ve decided to devise an “in place” art residency for myself and share it with you. My intention is to use the coming year to move my art practice forward, starting in four week chunks beginning at the first of each month.

   Along with making work, this will include: online conversations, discussing or sharing work with the group, focused reading, and other ways to help ourselves during this time.

   To this end, I am creating a schedule to follow starting on the first of this month. Schedules are challenging for me, but I’m going to do my best and not engage in self-criticism about this. Can we just show up and make stuff and take care of ourselves? Low threshold to start off, and then revisit, revamp and continue.

   If you have any thoughts/advice to share on this, or if you would like to join me for some or part of what develops, I hope you will reach out to me. Here are some of the inspirations I read before putting this together.

Jess Todd DIY Art Residency
Why You Should Embrace the Art of the DIY Residency
DIY Residencies

My Monday through Friday “YES” list (for this month):

studio work
reading/artist lectures/podcasts
sharing progress daily on Instagram #herenowresidency
personal stuff (meditation, exercise)


weekday emails to touch base
weekly video gatherings
maybe virtual open studios
occasional Instagram live process videos

Reading, Learning and Resources (This is an early partial list.)

Night Studio by Musa Mayer / Daughter of Philip Guston. 
Daybook by Anne Truitt / Journal-like observances of her life.
Francis Bacon, Interviews with David Sylvester / Intelligent and thought provoking.
Marcel Duchamp Interviews by Calvin Tompkins / Explains why we are here.
August Artist Reads from Dovetail Magazine
DIY MFA reading syllabus from Artspace
Making Art a Practice by Cat Bennett / Good for all levels. Inspiring. Easy.
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
How art can be thought a handbook for change / Allan De Souza
On Photography / Susan Sontag

Online Learning:

Free professional development webinars from the Artist Relief Project


My Flow State playlist. Listen on laptop to avoid ads.

Brain and Bod

This quick 10- minute yoga sequence for neck, shoulders and upper back.


DIY MFA from a writer. Adaptable to art?
Can You Make Your Own MFA?

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