Here/Now began in September 2020 as a monthly self-directed artist residency— 
a flexible framework to support our art practices through current challenges
no matter where we are. You may use the residency for inspiration, motivation,
education, accountability, support, or whatever you need. 

Join us! Use the form below to be notified about our next session.

The most important part of here/now is YOU—starting where you are in your art practice and moving forward.  Here/Now offers support in several ways: 

Each weekday of the residency, you will receive a morning email message. These notes will bring you support and inspiration, reading suggestions, useful professional development links, time management ideas, artist's talks to listen to, useful workshops to put on your calendar, art prompts, etc. 

For more community and support, add your voice to the email conversation, hearing about what others are doing, and sharing resources and feedback. Residents are invited to weekly zoom gatherings with fellow residency artists, and occasional remote work sessions. 

My hope is to secure funding for future sessions in order to provide broad access, regardless of members' ability to pay. If you have any thoughts on grant sources that may fund this project, please include them in the form below. Thank you.

What will you do? Self-directed or Full Memberships.

self-directed daily practice
studio work
time management
personal (meditation, exercise)

daily touch base emails M-F
instagram sharing #herenowresidency

suggested readings
video and workshop links
professional development links
suggested artist talks 

interactive goodies (full membership)
weekly zoom group discussion
opportunity to present work
discussing challenges
sharing ideas
occasional video work sessions

Would you like to join? I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you! I will be in touch soon. —Leigh

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