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Lacuna Collages

$650.00 USD

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This ongoing series of works (over thirty so far) is created while "in between" bodies of larger works, thus the name "Lacuna". I started these in response to a series of life transitions or "gaps" in 2014, and they continue today.

Lacuna, 2014-2020, collage and mixed media on vintage paper, 
8.875" x 8.875", unframed.  Final photo shows framing option.

Please let me know which one(s) you'd like when you place your order. If you would like me to have your piece framed before shipping it to you, select the "framed" option below and I can get back to you about timing. Otherwise, all items can be shipped immediately. Domestic USPS postage included.

Thank you for your support of my art practice!

1) Lacuna (200406), 2020. available.

2) Lacuna (150604), 2015. available.

3) Lacuna (150603), 2015. available.

4) Lacuna (160702), 2016. available.

5) Lacuna (171204), 2017. available.

6) Lacuna (160701), 2016. available.

7) Lacuna (160101), 2016. available.

8) Lacuna (150801), 2015. available.

9) Lacuna (141109), 2014. available.

10) Lacuna (170302), 2017. available.

Framing: Works can be shipped directly to the framer of your choice, or can be affordably framed prior to delivery to you through Simply Framed.

Shipping: $10 US domestic shipping & handling will be added at checkout. Additional shipping will be billed separately for other locations.

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