Flat File Sale 

Offering these oddities, sketches, experiments, and drawings at very affordable prices. Each purchase provides meaningful support for my studio practice. Thank you for taking a look!

To buy: 

•    enter your phone number & mailing address,
•    enter the names of the piece(s) you'd like, and 
•    venmo your total to @leighwellss. 

I'll then confirm details via email and send you your art!

Thank you for your support!

$250 each

$150 each

All Untitled, 2024, oil pastel on vintage book page, 9" x 5.875".

$250 each

$100 for a pair

Select two drawings for $100 shipped. Can combine with smaller pieces in next section.
Untitled, 2016, Pencil and mixed media on bristol, 12"x9".

$100 for a pair

Select two drawings for $100 shipped. Indigo ink or pink gouache on vintage book page. Click image for dimensions on each. Please excuse the odd iphone photos.

$450 each

All Untitled, 2016-2018, ink on paper, 30" x 22".