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Artist Support Pledge Drawings

$40.00 USD

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These 7.875x5.25” ink and metallic gouache drawings are available as I participate in @artistsupportpledge on instagram. Please let me know which of these two you would like when you place your order. Thanks so much for your support!

1. "First the blade" available

2. "Descent" available

(photos 3 & 4 are details)

"Due to the pandemic, many artists around the world have found themselves without work, teaching, technical support, gallery work, exhibitions and sales have disappeared. In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress @matthewburrowsstudio has instigated the #artistsupportpledge The concept is a simple one. You post images of your work to sell for no more than $200. Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach $1000 of sales you pledge to buy another artist's work for $200. Tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. Stay well and live generously."

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