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2007, gouache on vintage book page, 14.75 x 11.5", framed size 18.25 x 14.75". Custom painted warm white/ivory archival frame with UV plex.  

The works from this series posted here are the last of a large series included in my first solo show at Gallery 16 in 2008. 

Thomas Gainsborough portrayed the British royalty and aristocracy of the 18th century as it wished to be seen. Interacting with these pieces feels like having a dialogue with ideas of class and society of the past. 

Unlike the lively subjects of the Dutch portraitists of the century before, the subjects in Gainsborough's work seem to me somewhat vacant and without personality. My interaction with these pages takes Gainsborough's subjects' unknowability and turns it into a visual object. Early in this series, I used a simple, repetitive system to alter the pages, while later pages are drawn on in a more intuitive way.

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